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An insight into some of my tattoos, the thoughts behind, original sketches and more. 

Sou-cial Housing, Winchester

Inspired by Architect Sou Fujimoto, I took his concept of Inside & Outside as being one, to create a scheme that challenges current models of social housing. 

Master Planning, Winchester

Master plan proposal to redevelop a historically rich central area of the city, with a series of interventions that will begin to wake the city up and make Winchester more inclusive. 

24 Hour Competition, H20

Entry for ideasofwards's 24 hour competition, december 2016. 

AIA Student Charrette

3rd Place in the 2016/17 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Student Charrette. Took place at Zaha Hadid's Roca Galley in London. Theme of the competition; Reinventing Public Bathing.

Gogo Yubari

One of the 3 latest canvas pieces I completed in January 2017, alongside 'Pink Matter' and 'Untitled 001' as a part of practice exercise to be more efficient. From black canvas each piece is completed in one evening with a maximum 5 hour time frame​.

This one inspired by the movie, Kill Bill. 

Angels, When She

The 100+ hour piece. Long anticipated from the summer of 2013, only finished September 2016. 

Market Hall, Portsmouth

Early 2016 proposal to design a Market Hall at the bottom of one of the city's shopping districts, Commercial Road. 

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